lørdag 1. november 2008

Første frostnatt

I går var det første frostnatt her jeg bor. Egentlig er det vel litt seint i forhold til normalen så vidt jeg kan huske. Men det er jo fint, syns jeg, at den ikke kommer så tidlig.
Jeg har fått redda inn det som jeg vil forsøke å overvintre. Tenkte lenge på om jeg og skulle få inn mine hengepelargonia, men bestemte meg for å la det være. Får heller kjøpe noen nye stiklinger neste vår, om jeg bestemme meg for å ha det også neste sessong.
Har ordna med en hylle ekstra i stuevinduet, så nå har jeg to etasjer med planter der. Har montert lys i hylla, sån at de underste får litt ekstra lys. Det ble ikke så verst. Skal forsøke å komme med bilde en av dagene.
First frost
Yesterday we had the first frostnight where I live. It is realy much later than usually as far as I can remember. But I am happy it did not come earlier.

I have taken in the plants I will try to keep a live for next spring. I was thinking about taking  in my hanging pelargonia (geranium) as well, but desided not to. I rather by some new next year, because it will take to much space inside.

I have put up an shelf in the window in my liwingroom, just to get space for more plants. I will have my geraniums there as long as they have flowers on it. And later they will be put in the basment for resting until about february. Pictures will come soon.

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Mokki sa...

Ja det er ubønnhørlig blitt vinter gitt - så nå er det på tide å drømme om neste vår og sommer!

Sunita sa...

Signe, wonderful English post. Knowing that you're not so fluent in the language makes your effort even more praiseworthy. Bravo!
For myself, I enjoyed being able to finally understand what is written in your very attractive blog. Thanks!

Patsi sa...

I think you can put one more shelf in that window. :)
My home is cottage size and just can't make the space I would like.
We already have a wall of shelves with lights for starting seeds. And a kitchen cabinet full from top to bottom with our seed collection.

Must be alot of work writing in 2 languages. Thanks very much for doing so.


Rusty in Miami sa...

Good luck with your plants this winter and thanks for stopping by my blog

cake sa...

that is sweet, to build a shelf to accommodate your plants for the winter! you'll enjoy having them indoors with you.

beautiful blog!

Gary sa...

Hi, We have had really early frosts this year. London had it's earliest snowfall since 1934. Thanks for visiting my blog. gary

Miranda Bell sa...

We've not had frost here yet in Brittany so won't be bringing in my plants as yet - I couldn't help noticing the picture of your rabbit a bit further down - he's just like the one I had when I was little! Gorgeous!

FJL sa...

You have a nice blog and awesome plants. Great idea to put them indoors. Now im thinking to put some on mine :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog.